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Title : improve and extend life carpet
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improve and extend life carpet

there were two ways to improve your home carpet you can do yourself, it means you can save money from repairing the carpet or buy a new carpet. the home carpets that can be damaged almost unavoidable, to find ways to improve your home carpet

Two ways that can be done is to cut and plug or restretching.

Cut and plug is used when a small carpet damage such as burn or stain affected. areas damaged carpet is cut and replaced by taking a piece of carpet area is still good and fit the parts that hurt. to match the broken parts you need some material including: a knife, work gloves, markers, scissors, tape one side and painters tape. and follow the steps.

1. Cut out the damaged section, use gloves to protect your hands. round cut with a knife on the carpet that is damaged.

2. find parts that match the carpet the carpet is damaged.

3. Cut out according to your area have been removed. Put your gloves to protect your hands, then use your empty can to cut round cut with your utility knife - called the plug.

4. Use tape marked with arrows to mark the fur rug on the part you cut. Then use a piece of ribbon to mark the bed just outside the cut in the usual carpet.

5. adhesive tape to place one hand behind your new.

6. remove the protective cover of the new cuts, and align the cut sections.

7. Once you're sure everything fits correctly and properly align the balance of your adhesive tape on a new piece.

8. Lay into place and pressed the company to ensure the glue sticks.

9. Now you will see a new piece like having a higher bed. That's because not used. You'll want to put a pile of heavy books or something similar on the repair to flatten the carpet. Leave there at least several days.

10. Remove the heavy objects and check for any loose or frayed tip. Trim away if necessary.

11. Check to make sure your adhesive has been rooted primarily in the margins. If you need more now is the time to do so.

12. Your job is done, relax.

restretching useful for removing wrinkles, wrinkles in the carpet. tool used is the knee kicker you can rent. restretching can also prolong your favorite carpet. As for the way is as follows:

1. pull the carpet from the wall and remove the baseboard

2. using knee pressure to make karrpet taut and tight in one direction

3. Tack it down then kick the carpet in the other direction, and tactics down.

4. Any surplus can be trimmed away

5. and finally replace baseboard

apparently not too difficult to fix his own rug

Thus articles improve and extend life carpet

that is all articles improve and extend life carpet This time, hopefully can provide benefits to all of you. Okay, see you in another article posting.

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