how to remove wallpaper from walls

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Title : how to remove wallpaper from walls
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how to remove wallpaper from walls

if ever feel bored with the atmosphere of the room? want to replace your old wallpaper? but do not know how to remove wallpaper from the walls of your room. bedroom wallpaper renew or replace the wallpaper with a textured wall paint is the easiest way to display the new face of room, but to remove the wallpaper from the wall is a big challenge, and maybe you spent hours and hours.

Adhesive. by eliminating gluten-commercial use wallpaper, you can minimize the damage to the wall. This adhesive product can be found at your nearest home improvement store in your city.

1. Before you start to remove the wallpaper, the floor with plastic sheeting, drop cloths or tarpaulins to protect the floor. Spray the remover on a small part of the wallpaper with the open end. Wait the specified amount of time per instructions from the manufacturer, then slowly pull the edge of the wallpaper and trying to lift the wallpaper from the wall. If the skin off the wallpaper easily, and then continue saturated one area at the time and remove the wall paper. If the paper remains stuck to the wall, try scraping it off with a putty knife. Be careful to hold the putty knife flat on the surface of the wall to avoid damaging the drywall.

2. scoring wall. If the remover can not penetrate the coat of wallpaper, the paper will remain attached to the walls of your home. In this case, you need to use an assessment tool to gently score the wallpaper to enable remover to skip work on the wallpaper and glue. Run an assessment tool in the wallpaper horizontally and vertically. Be careful not to do it is not too hard now, or you will push through the drywall and wallpaper inside. Spray the remover on the wall and wait until the print set. Pull and lift the corner of wallpaper from the wall.

3. If your wallpaper is still difficult to remove, remover and spray it with a scrap with a putty knife into the wall. subsequently, after the clean walls clean the residue from the wallpaper to stick to the walls with a damp cloth or sponge.

and further, by way of letting the walls dry for at least four days before re-finishing.

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