Dyson vacuum cleaner cheap

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Title : Dyson vacuum cleaner cheap
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Dyson vacuum cleaner cheap

James Dyson is famous for revolutionizing the world of appliances with its famous bagless and without loss of suction. He released two new models the DC 22 "Baby" and the DC 24 "Ball".

Dyson DC 22 - Baby

Why release a model third smaller than normal sized Dyson vacuum?
James Dyson ever anxious to meet new challenges of everyday life (housing becoming smaller, storage concerns, less time spent on housework ...), the brand has released this model "Baby" of the DC 22 which is smaller , lighter and easy to store.

This marvel of 4.9 kg is equipped with a telescopic tube that wraps around the unit to maximize storage. Little more, it is equipped with Core Separator technology, to treat even more dust for better filtering, rejecting an air 150 times cleaner than the ambient air.

Street Price: 524 $

Dyson DC 24 - Ball

An innovation is the initiator of the creation of this model, the technology patented The Ball TM, which places the center of gravity low for better handling. We had the opportunity to test it during the demo Dyson, the vacuum is easily sneak into your furniture because you obey the finger and oeuil a flick of the wrist.

The DC 24 "Ball" is also Apiro-brush the lightest Dyson, displaying a weight of 5.4 kg on the scale.

Like the DC 22 "Baby" emptying the collector is more hygienic, it is just one click. Both vacuums contain no bag, are provided with permanent filters (it is just enough to wash) and engender and not spending more.

Street Price: 525 $

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