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Title : tips To Brighten Bedroom | INTERIOR DESIGN
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tips To Brighten Bedroom | INTERIOR DESIGN

Bedroom is where we spend most of our time, but also tends to be the most neglected when it comes to decorating. Currently, money can be a significant factor! Here are some tips to brighten your room with no money at all!

1. Reset! A new fresh arrangement always makes the room feel new. Do not be afraid to try new angles for your furniture ... Bed on the diagonal, or even right in the middle of the room!

2. Search your drawers for scarves, tablecloths, or even pillowcases that compliment your color scheme. You can use things you already own to soften the top edge of your desk or dresser, or maybe put a pretty scarf at the foot of the bed. If you already have a pillow on your bed (if you do not, it's time to steal them from another room), you can also wrap the fabric around the pillow for a new look, and the only pin on the back!.

3. Add plants to your room. Look around your house to see if one of the existing plants will be happier in your bedroom, and then move there! If you can not find plants that are ready to relocate, make one! Many plants can be grown from cuttings, either of existing plants, a friend may let you cut, or even some outdoor plants. Ivy and many colors of ornamental plant groundcovers are very good. You can even relive your childhood a bit and grow potato slices, pineapple, or carrot in a state of emergency! For containers, look into your kitchen cabinets. An old teapot and cups, glass bowls, even baking dishes can make unique containers.

4. Add memorabilia to your room. I keep a photograph of each of my child when they are small next to my bed, and always makes me smile. How to hang your wedding veil from the headboard, or framing your wedding invitation or old love letters?

5. Add fragrance. If you do not have a potpourri or incense in the house, a few pieces of orange peel and let it dry, then mix with the sweet taste of what's in your closet. (This only takes a pinch, try cinnamon, ginger, or allspice) Place your potpourri in an open bowl in your room to refresh and inspire. Later in the summer, be sure to include flowers in your room, if you do not have the scent of roses or other flowers in your yard, roadside daisies can smell great too!

Only a few small changes, there is no money involved, and which one is better, more positive for you to begin and end each day!

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