know and choose the best quality carpet

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Title : know and choose the best quality carpet
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know and choose the best quality carpet

to change the look of the room, adding an area rug is a perfect way. The main thing that mattered was the financial factor in adding an area rug to the room of your home. but do not worry because home decorating with area rugs are very affordable and can be combined with paintings, furniture and so forth.
various types of materials and sizes of area rugs, but before you can have a carpet area you should know the uniqueness of the area rugs.
materials affect the price of area rugs, for the price of an expensive but good quality of silk, for the medium price is usually made of wool, and for economy class there are many material choices include: nylon, polyester, and acrylic polyprolene. The moderates are cotton, sisal, sea grass and carpet.
if you want to have an area rug so durable and washable as well as carpet treatment that is not so demanding treatment then choose synthetic carpet but the carpet was not comfortable but this kind of staying power spelled durable carpet. 

To buy a good quality rug should look for quality fiber, the type of dye used and the knots. It is not necessary that the expensive carpets will be made from both dye and tied properly. Natural fiber carpet susceptible to stains if not washed immediately. This must be done because the quality of wool fibers depends on the type of dye used. If a good quality of wool is dyed with fruits, plants and roots. Material using a cheaper synthetic dyes. Before you buy a carpet must test it in a damp white cloth rubbed fiber. If color transfers to cloth dyed tapestry is not correct.We also must examine very carefully fiber as most of the time the wool is very soft as silk. 

Carpet weaving is another factor that should look into when buying a rug. To determine whether, handmade carpet from the carpet to see the opposite side. If the pattern looks as clear as the other end, it is not handmade. Then check the periphery. This should be an extension sewing thread and not separately. 
One does not need to buy a carpet with a cloth backing. This carpet is definitely hiding something. Backing that tend to tear froze when cleaning. Handmade carpets with the best quality found in Iran. Persian knot is different from the other knots found in the rug. Rugs made by the manufacturer of the tribe does not have a node structure while the number of rugs made in the cities have knots. Carpet prices depending on the number of knots that. The numbers determine the quality of the carpet
Area rugs priced according to age. The old, expensive carpets. Sometimes a dealer wash the carpet with chemicals to make them look older. Such carpets are called antiqued carpetOne should always ask for a certificate of authentication to the carpet. This adds value if you want to sell it in the near future

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