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Title : tips for your outdoor lights
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tips for your outdoor lights

Perfect lighting outside your house is great to enhance the beauty of it, but pick out the wrong lighting can ruin the whole neighborhood. Knowing what the lighting will suit your home and garden is important. Your dream to stroll into the garden at night with lights to create the perfect atmosphere and the wind was blowing gently on your face can become a reality, you just need to know what, and how, to get out of the room where the lighting is right for you. outdoor lighting is also useful for security reasons. When the days get shorter, especially in winter, outdoor lighting can extend the day and dramatically change your outdoor environment. With proper planning you can also create a space outside to entertain your guests.
Outdoor lighting can be divided into four categories:
security lighting: This lighting used to illuminate vulnerabel areas of your property. It is recommended though to keep it away from homes so as not to interfere, because the lights used are bright and often motion activated. You can also have a manual on / off switch for your lighting so you can override automatic illumination.
Task lighting: This type of lighting for specific purposes such as outdoor grilling or walking safely up and down stairs and along the road. Task lighting should be kept between the eye and the objects to be lit. Try to avoid glare, the light is too light will blind rather than guide.
Accent lighting: This can create dramatic effect, or highlight an unusual feature. For example, until the lighting can illuminate interesting piece of statuary. Silhouetting can be achieved by keeping the light between the object and a fence or wall. General lighting or lighting can display a whole so people feel comfortable and look good.
Moonlighting or starlight – you can also imitate moonlight or starlight to create magical lighting. Moonlighting can be produced by placing outdoor lights on trees. The lights should be pointing downward to create a mottled effect, as if the area was lit by a full moon. And what could be more beautiful than nature itself a gift to us – the stars at night! This can be replicated with delay small lights in the branches of trees to create a sparkling night time canopy, or with flickering candles, sprinkled here and there throughout the space.
Tips to remember:
No matter what type of lighting you want, remember not to over do it, less is more when it comes to lighting. Do not use lights where they do not need, and you can also fine with using low-watt bulb. Also be careful to not send the light “on”. Do not use lights in straight lines up and down the streets like the airport runway effect which is a very common mistake.
Avoid using yellow lights because they are not pleasant for both people and plants. Instead of using blue-white light or the purchase of daylight-blue filters for your equipment. Lamps should be stored where they can be easily accessed to replace the light bulb. After setting up your outdoor lighting, get outside after dark and light up the night!

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