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Title : interior french house | new
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interior french house | new

If you want to capture the French point of view, you should look for things like cracked wood beams, curved panels, hand-carved decorations and the floor and walls of raw materials such as stone or brick. The walls of plaster or wood raw moody depression can also provide the French state.

In the style has a spider crack to change the color of paint or a bit 'of paint that adds character. So do not bother to correct any imperfections.

Some architectural elements of the shutters for the windows, very narrow cut the window frame and the window of striped canvas top to prevent heat loss.

But if you just want to push for change little 'French at home without too many walls and floors. You can find rustic furniture, large dining room Wooding rectangular or round with wax or matte natural finish. The dining chair has a style ladderback or a pipe for her.

If you are looking for a place or a table at random, you should look for a curve or have a design carved in wood. In addition, a large closet, covered by the theme, offering a place to store dishes, linen garments, or whatever you want.

The next step will be to decorate your home with fabrics and accessories. You must use the hardware cloth, linen or cotton, white, cream or yellow with contrasting colors are vivid. You can select themes such as monkeys, the eighteenth century court scenes and models of Chinese who dominate the French design.

Also look for large, thick woven baskets, pieces of clay or old metal pitchers, a unit of iron garden racks, Chinese ceramics and adapts to all with a French theme. This means that you can get ceramic plates, tiles, tablecloths and curtains are in good roosters, sunflowers, beetles or lavender. You can save money if you get in flea markets and antique shops.

The final touch will be of interest. Fresh flowers would be ideal, such as lavender, geranium, and sunflower seeds are great for giving the French country style that you want.

You can put flowers in copper pots, planters, vases, glass jug or old. You must use a variety of colors and organize are not too simple or elegant. See more natural turf of France.

Regardless if you want to remove all or just change some things in house to get the look of the French countryside. You can use this idea to get a bit 'of Provence to your home country

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