tips on painting the girls room

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Title : tips on painting the girls room
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tips on painting the girls room

Making changes bedroom decor teen girls you can be an enjoyable experience if you let him get involved and give him the freedom to express his personality. Teens have an idea - a unique and distinctive ideas about what they like. If you insist on imposing your own tastes, you might be arguing with your child.

Discuss with your child what he wants and negotiate if you are not satisfied with his choice. He may think he wants a bedroom completely - completely black, but you can explain to him that color can affect mood. Maybe it could try to convince choose the color - the color of light on the wall, but let him paint the furniture and bed with black.


1. Set the time to discuss with your daughter about the changes in his bedroom decor and invite him to see some color samples. This is an opportunity to spend quality time with your child and she would feel if he had considered an adult and to feel involved in the process. It is also a good time to explain cost considerations with the child of your daughter. Explain to him about the budget you have for the renovation of the bedroom.

2. Discuss the theme and color scheme of your daughter. With the color and type of paint according to the trend of 2011. Trends 2011 can you mix with teen fashion trend that seems to consist of a mixture of postmodern style, retro style with a slightly modern touch. Thus, a theme that perhaps your child is the theme tune hippies, goth or a disco.

3. Negotiate with your child on his choice. If he had chosen a bright color schemes, themes for its hippies, then do with that theme decor and always give input on what is possible and what is not may be related to the budget funds. Too many colors - bright colors can affect comfort while sleeping. A pastel paint color is one good option.

4. Complete with an accessory as an additional decoration. Maybe you could add a little glitter, posters, stickers dark lit place. Communicate with all your favorite princess. Because after all, the bedroom was the one who eventually your daughter will feel comfort, not you.

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